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IdiomasPast Simple

In this test you will practice the past simple structure.

Lucy ___________ her mother's watch, so she bought a new one.

. broke
. crashed
. forgot
We ___________ at the library for three hours yesterday.

. learnt
. studied
. reviewed
We ____ sorry for him.

. was
. were
I ___________ about a yellow unicorn last night.

. slept
. think
. dreamed
I ___________ an e-mail to the company but they never answered.

. published
. sent
. read
why ___ she ___?

. did/ cry
. did/ cried
. --/ cried
What film ___ you ___ last night?

. --- / saw
. did/ saw
. did/ see
He didn't ___ last Monday.

. calld
. call
. called
When ___ you ___ there?

. did/ go
. did/ went
. ---/ went
Who ___ ten minutes ago?

. called
. did call
. did called

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