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IdiomasPast simple

Test to practice simple past.

Mozart(write)more than 600 pieces of music.

. wrote
. Write.
. Written
How did you learn to drive? my father (teach)me.

. teached
. taught
. teaches
We could not afford to keep our car, so we (sell) it.

. selled.
. selling
. sold
I was very thirsty. I(drink)the water very quickly.

. drinked
. drunk
. drank
Paul and I played tennis yesterday. He is much better than me, so he(win)easily.

. won
. wined
. wind
Don(fall) down the stairs this morning.

. falled
. fallen
. felled
. fell
Jim( throw) the ball to Sue, who(catch) it.

. Threw;caught
. trowed; catched
. Threw; catched
Anna(spend) a lot of money yesterday. She (buy) a dress which( cost) 100 euros.

. spended; buyed, costed
. spent; bought; cost
. spent; bought; costed

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