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IdiomasPresente Simple

Completa el siguiente Test haciendo uso del presente simple

1.- you learn a second language like english?

2.- Fernanda play with her toys?

3.- Juan never (go) to Australia

4.- Zamir and Magda my parents and I love them.

5.- She usually (take) the bus to go to the School

6.- Mark and Camila students of my classroom

7.- I like to (eat) meat with vegetables for lunch

8.- Juana and Fernanda daugthers of Magda and Zamir?

9.- Camilo like to (read) a book before go to sleep

10.- Laura a professional Singer?

11.- I do (not) play soccer I prefer play Tennis

12.- Santiago (drink) a lot of orange juice with eggs for breakfast

13.- he a writer?

14.- Magda and Zamir usually (go) to the cinema on weekends

15.- he does (not) speak english very well

16.- Pepa Pig a infantil tv show?

17.- Always I (wake up) at 6:00 am to go to the school

18.- Snoopy a infantil tv show.

19.- he play in the computer every nigths?

20.- Martin and Camilo (practice) swiming every afternoons after school.

21.- the Sun circle the Earth?

22.- The train (leave) every morning at 8 AM.

23.- Every Monday, Sally (drive) her kids to football practice.

24.- Don't forget to take your umbrella. It (rain)

25.- I hate living in Seattle because it (rain, always)

26.- Shhhhh! Be quiet! John (sleep)

27.- This delicious chocolate (be) made by a small chocolatier in Zurich, Switzerland.

28.- When Carol (call) tonigh I watch a movie about Colombia.

29.- Mary is (alway) talking in class. I don't like it.

30.- Sharon (love) to travel around the world.

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