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ingles Idiomasprueba icfes idiomas 2011

realice la siguiente prueba y verifique sus conocimientos en ingles

1. The underlined word who is related to

. cities
. people
. major
. countries
2. The underlined words seek out can be replaced by

. give up
. look for
. take care
. find out
1 - 3
Many major cities in the world today have large populations of people who have recently arrived; they have emigrated from other countries. Perhaps you, too, have left a familiar place to come to a new city or a new country. Or you may live in a cit

. cities
. people
. major
. countries
2. The underlined words seek out can be replaced by

. give up
. look for
. take care
. find out
3. According to the text,

. people are forced to leave their native countries.
. major cities of the world have received many visitors.
. people have immigrated to other countries due to overpopulation.
. living in a new place implies many changes for immigrants.
4 - 6
People are living longer in the United States. As a result, more and more middle aged adults are becoming caretakers of their aging parents. When their parents can no longer care for themselves, these adults stay at home to care for them in much th

. very young people.
. ancient people.
. very old people.
. people in their 50's.
5. According to the text, the underlined words "parent sitter" refer to a person who

. takes care of his/her father or mother.
. loves and works for his/her family.
. looks after his/her children.
. likes helping his/her relatives.
6. The main idea of this text is:

. Sons and daughters take care of their parents because of longevity.
. Children do not like to take care of their parents.
. The natural roles of parents and children have changed throughout history.
. Parents stay at home to take care of their children.
7 - 9
The United States is now becoming a non-smoking society. Across the country, hundreds of towns and cities, and even entire states, are passing strict laws to control the sale and use of cigarettes. In New York, for example, smoking is illegal in pu

. workers are hired because they smoke.
. workers have to give up smoking if they want to continue working.
. workers are required to smoke if they want to continue working.
. workers are fired because they smoke.
8. According to the text, we can infer that

. none of the company policies ban smoking.
. all of the company policies ban smokers.
. the first policy bans smoking, and the other two, ban smokers.
. he first and second policies ban smokers, and the last one bans smoking.
9. According to the text, the author's intention is to

. describe how the U.S. is regulating smoking.
. promote discrimination against smokers in the U.S.
. protest against people who smoke in the U.S.
. show how smokers can quit smoking in the U.S.
We owe our nation's state park system to one of the world's most recognizable landmarks -Niagara Falls. By 1880, a ring of industrial sites and man-made attractions had so completely choked off public access to the falls that the only views from American

. suspended
. increased
. promoted
. eliminated

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