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IdiomasIngles - ICFES

Es un simulacreo diseñado para medir tu capacidad en este idioma

Answer questions 1-3 according to the following text:

The United States is now becoming a non-smoking society. Across the country, hundreds of towns and cities, and even entire states, are passing strict laws to control the sale and use of cigarettes.

. workers are hired because they smoke.
. workers have to give up smoking if they want to continue working.
. workers are required to smoke if they want to continue working.
. workers are fired because they smoke.
2. According to the text, we can infer that

. none of the company policies ban smoking.
. all of the company policies ban smokers.
. the first policy bans smoking, and the other two, ban smokers.
. the first and second policies ban smokers, and the last one bans smoking.
3. According to the text, the author's intention is to

. describe how the U.S. is regulating smoking.
. promote discrimination against smokers in the U.S.
. protest against people who smoke in the U.S.
. show how smokers can quit smoking in the U.S.
4. Guido and Carlos are talking about the changes in temperature over the last few days. Guido says:

. Yesterday was hotter than today
. Yesterday was as hotter as today
. Yesterday was much hot than today
5. Caroline is talking about the place she went on vacation.

. Cartagena is an old colombian lovely city
. Cartagena is an old lovely colombian city
. Cartagena is a lovely old colombian city
. Cartagena is a colombian old lovely city
6. Justin's room smelled like cigarettes yesterday.

. In the room somebody had been smoking
. Smoking had been somebody in the room
. Somebody had been smoking in the room
. In the room smoking had been somebody
7. Steve is talking to a friend about the first thing he normally does as soon as he gets home.

. ?I turn on frequently the TV right after I get home from work.?
. ?I turn on the TV right after I frequently get home from work.?
. ?I turn on the TV right after I get home from work frequently.?
. ?I frequently turn on the TV right after I get home from work.?
8. Anita is going to travel to Moscow. Now she is arranging her luggage.

Lucy: Have you seen my passport?
Mark: Your passport? ______________
I saw it in the drawer last night.
Lucy: But it?s not there.
Mark: Did you already look in your pocket dia

. It can be on the night table.
. Where on earth can it be?
. You are joking, aren?t you?
. It?s time for you to go. Hurry up!
9. Tom is reading the newspaper.

Tom: You know, the Russian ballet has been here for a month and we still haven?t seen it.
Paula: I know. _____________________________
Tom: That sounds great!

. It must be wonderful.
. You could go tomorrow.
. Do you have any suggestions?
. Why don?t we go tomorrow night?
10. A tourist has just arrived in New York. He is lost...

Miguel: Excuse me, Can you help me?
Rose: Of course.
Miguel: ________________________
Rose: Just walk up Fifth Avenue to 50th Street. St. Patrick.s is on the right.
Miguel: Is it near

. Can you tell me if St. Patrick.s Cathedral is on Fifth Avenue?
. How do I get to St. Patrick.s Cathedral?
. Are you going to tell me where St. Patrick.s Cathedral is?
. Is St. Patrick's Cathedral near here?

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