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1.- a place where people study for qualifications after leaving school:

2.- the amount of money you pay to go to a private school or a university:

3.- the land and buildings of a university or college:

4.- somebody who has a first degree from a university or college:

5.- a teacher who works with one student or a small group of students:

6.- a talk on a subject, especially at university or college:

7.- the money that a student borrows from a bank while at university:

8.- somebody who has a first degree and is now studying for a higher degree:

9.- somebody who is studying for their first degree at university or college:

10.- money paid by a university, etc. to a student with ability, but not much money:

11.- a class in which a small group of students discuss a particular subject:

12.- the job, or series of jobs, that you do during your working life:

13.- somebody who teaches at a university or college:

14.- a teacher of the highest level in a university department:

15.- an advanced university degree:

EXAM: COMPARATIVES 1st ESO ,Exam about comparatives.. Tags:exam ,comparatives. Preguntas:20
Simple past Irregular and Regular verbs ,This test is inttended to practice simple past of Regular and Irregular verbs. Categorías:Inglés-irregular ,verbs- ,simple ,past. Preguntas:19
Passive voice ,Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Tags:passive ,voice ,English. Preguntas:10
english ,to use the idiom english is very esy try it . Categorías:To ,translate ,and ,to ,understand. Preguntas:15
Level Test ,English test to check your level.. Tags:english ,level ,test ,spiral ,lc. Preguntas:25
English II ,Grmmar and Vocabulary. Categorías:grammar ,vocabulary. ,english. Preguntas:20
Verbos Español - Frances I ,Débutant 1. Categorías:Débutant ,1. Preguntas:65
IDIOMAS ,LENGUAJE . Tags:IDIOMAS ,. Preguntas:10
Ingles - ICFES ,Es un simulacreo diseñado para medir tu capacidad en este idioma. Categorías:English ,Understand. Preguntas:10
Practicar los pasados en español ,Ejercicio para practicar los pasados de Nivel A2. Completar con pretérito perfecto, imperfecto o indefinido.. Tags:pasados ,español. Preguntas:15

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