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HumorWhat famous fictional millionaire are you?

Have you ever pictured yourself as a millionare? Probably, but have you ever thought about what kind of person would you be with all that money? This fun quiz will match you with a fictional millionare so you can know that!

What would you do if you suddenly inherited a considerable fortune?

. Make it rain! It’s time to go help people… in style.
. Never let it out of my sight! Money doesn’t grow on trees…
. Save this city.
. Excellent… More capital means more business, more business means more profit.
What is your take on taxes?

. What are taxes? Did I already buy them?
. They are my pocket’s worst nightmare… They swallow up my hard-earned savings.
. Taxes aren’t the problem—the deep-rooted corruption in the public administration that they maintain is.
. Taxes? Ha! That’s cute.
What, in your opinion, is the best possible investment?

. A record label! Fun!
. Gold bars. They are the only thing I can be sure will never lose its value.
. Technology development.
. A small, petty company for mine to absorb so I can have more minions at my disposal.
You find a wallet in the middle of the street. What do you do?

. Ride my limo around the block asking whose it is. The owner can’t be far.
. WHAT?! This must be a trap. Someone left it there to rob me when I pick it up. Walk home quickly and take a dive in the olympic pool of bills to try to relax and forget about it all.
. Check the ID and driver’s license to find the owner.
. Excellent… Finder’s keeper’s!
The place that you would choose for an ideal vacation is:

. Holidays? I do not spend money on nonsense!
. A holiday in Dubai, all included.
. I would buy an amusement park and invite all my friends.
. A getaway to my country mansion would be enough. I can not neglect my work.
When you are at a business dinner and the bill arrives, you:

. You make excuses saying that you should go to the bathroom.
. What account? I am the owner.
. You offer to pay the bill and include a big tip.
. Do not even turn to look at the account and continue talking about the project.
If you had to define yourself in one word, what would it be?

. Cautious
. Skilled
. Innovative
. Straightforward

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