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When is it better to buffer the table. ¿Cuál es la mejor forma de adecuar la tabla?

. When a table is read frequently and the data seldom changes
. When a table is linked to check tables
. When a table is read frequently and the data is always changing
. When a table is read infrequently
when does a table get physically created in the underlying database.

. When you activate a transparent table in the ABAP Workbench
. When you create a transparent table
. When you activate a transparent table in the Dictionary
. When Basis creates the tablespace at the OS layer
What authorization object can be used to restrict users from processing nodes in the reporting tree.

. Local File to the application server
The cardinality of a foreign key relationship is defined as 1:N. What does this imply?

. One record of the foreign key table is assigned to one record in the check table
. One record of the check table is assigned to many records of the foreign key table
. Many records of the check table are assigned to one record of the foreign key table
What is true about the result set of an inner join at the database level.

. contains only entries that match
. contains all entries from the left table
. contains all entries from both tables
. contains all entries from the right table
What can be assigned directly to a data element.

. table type
. check table
. built-in type
. table field
Identify the object that cannot have a search help attached to it.

. table
. type
. check table
. table field
You have added an append structure to a standard SAP table. what happens to the standard table when a new version of the table is imported during an upgrade.

. When the standard tables are activated, the append structure is automatically appended to the standard table
. The append fields are automatically appended to the table upon activation but you must still convert the table
. All append structures are deleted. A new append structure must be created and then appended to the standard table
. The standard table is returned to standard.Therefore, the append structure must be manually re-applied
How are buffers used by inner and outer joins.

. buffers are always bypassed
. buffers are always used
. the choice can be made to use or bypass buffers
Identify the method that provides possible values.

. Help Query
. SearchHelp
. Transparent Table
. Database View
Full buffering would be appropriate for what type of tables.

. Small Static tables
. Internal Tables
. tables with generic Keys
. Transaction Tables
Why is subquery usually more efficient.

. data is filtered in the database
. data is filtered at the application server
. data is filtered on the network
. data is filtered in the sapgui
What are the main functions of the Data Dictionary.

. To support the creation and management of metadata
. To insulate the ABAP/4 developer from the database
. To connect to the operating system
. To provide data security at the application level
A data element is an example of.

. Semantic Domain
. Technical Domain
. Physical Definition
. Business Object
Which of the following does not physically exist in the underlying database.

. Transparent Table
. Structure
. View
. Internal Table
You have made changes to an existing table that contains data. What takes place when the database conversion utility is executed ?

. The indexes for the table needs to manually be reconstructed in the ABAP Dictionary
. The table in the database is recreated
. Data in the table is automatically deleted and must be reloaded
. The revised table in the ABAP/4 Dictionary is activated
. The table in the database is renamed and eventually deleted
TABLE ZMYTABLE is created in the dictionary. When does the table get created in the underlying database.

. It does not correspond to an object in the underlying database and does not get created
. When the database administrator physically creates the table
. At the beginning of the table creation
. At the end of the table creation after it is saved
. When the table is activated
How can you perform a direct database read from a buffered table.

. Add the BYPASSING BUFFER clause on the select statement
. Do not have buffering in the technical attributes
. Buffering can be turned off on the application server by the programmer using the ABAP Workbench
What is true about a structure.

. A physical database table is created for a structure
. The TABLES statement is used to define a structure in a program
. The STRUCTURES statement is used to define a structure in a program
. Structures contain data beyond the runtime of a program.

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