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Prueba tu nivel de inglés

Descubre tu nivel de inglés según Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las lenguas

1 Can I park here?

. Sorry, I did that.
. It's the same place.
. Only for half an hour.
2 What colour will you paint the children's bedroom?

. I hope it was right.
. We can't decide.
. It wasn't very difficult.
3 I can't understand this email.

. Would you like some help?
. Don't you know?
. I suppose you can.
4 I'd like two tickets for tomorrow night.

. How much did you pay?
. Afternoon and evening.
. I'll just check for you.
5 Shall we go to the gym now?

. I'm too tired.
. It's very good.
. Not at all.
6 His eyes were ...... bad that he couldn't read the number plate of the car in front.

. such
. too
. so
. very
7 The company needs to decide ...... and for all what its position is on this point.

. here
. once
. first
. finally
8 Don't put your cup on the ...... of the table – someone will knock it off.

. outside
. edge
. boundary
. border
9 I'm sorry - I didn't ...... to disturb you.

. hope
. think
. mean
. suppose
10 The singer ended the concert ...... her most popular song.

. by
. with
. in
. as
11 Would you mind ...... these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?

. making
. doing
. getting
. giving
12 I was looking forward ...... at the new restaurant, but it was closed.

. to eat
. to have eaten
. to eating
. eating
13 ...... tired Melissa is when she gets home from work, she always makes time to say goodnight to the children.

. Whatever
. No matter how
. However much
. Although
14 It was only ten days ago ...... she started her new job.

. then
. since
. after
. that
15 The shop didn't have the shoes I wanted, but they've ...... a pair specially for me.

. booked
. ordered
. commanded
. asked
16 Have you got time to discuss your work now or are you ...... to leave?

. thinking
. round
. planned
. about
17 She came to live here ...... a month ago.

. quite
. beyond
. already
. almost
18 Once the plane is in the air, you can ...... your seat belts if you wish.

. undress
. unfasten
. unlock
. untie
19 I left my last job because I had no ...... to travel.

. place
. position
. opportunity
. possibility
20 It wasn't a bad crash and ...... damage was done to my car.

. little
. small
. light
. mere
21 I'd rather you ...... to her why we can't go.

. would explain
. explained
. to explain
. will explain
22 Before making a decision, the leader considered all ...... of the argument.

. sides
. features
. perspectives
. shades
23 This new printer is recommended as being ...... reliable.

. greatly
. highly
. strongly
. readily
24 When I realised I had dropped my gloves, I decided to ...... my steps.

. retrace
. regress
. resume
. return
25 Anne's house is somewhere in the ...... of the railway station.

. region
. quarter
. vicinity
. district

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