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Let\'s see how much you understood from Joseph\'s audio message.

1.- Hi Jara!

So, yesterday I went on this climate march, called "Extinction Rebellion". During the march, we walked through my town in silence, and then we all lay on the street, to symbolise how we are sleep-walking into climate crisis and

2.- more than

3.- . During that time, we

4.- 17 % of the Amazon rain forest and we

5.- more than half of coral ecosystems like the great barrier reef. The arctic is expected to be ice-free in the summer within the next 20 years. And since the industrial revolution, we the soil so much that we only have around 70 years left before crops won't grow on our farms any more.

6.- We

7.- all

8.- changes to our lives: eating less meat, buying less things, taking fewer flights, but still it is not enough. This climate march, and others like it, have been organised to make politicians pay attention, because at the moment, only governments can make


10.- the dangers of climate change since at least the 1970s, our governments

11.- yet the changes needed to stop things getting worse and we are running out of time. I hope that demonstrations like these will make them understand how much people care about the climate, so that they will work to solve these problems at last.
Anyway, I

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