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PsicologíaPsicologia del desarrollo

Test para psicologia

1-Theorizing about child development means the act of proposing:

. a) Which facts are most important for understanding children
. b) What sorts of relationships among the facts are most significant for producing this understanding
. c) Both of the above are correct
2-If then and unless then are statements and descriptions that represent the following types of theories

. a) Casual
. b) Structural
. c) Correlational
3-Which one of the following statements is correct

. a) All adolescents reach the formal/operations period
. b) Not all achieve the same quality of formal/operations
. c) The same of quality in achievement is required to move to one stage to the next
4-Acording to the bio/electrochemical viewpoint reasoning the results from the interaction of two casual factors

. a) Genetics and Experience
. b) Genetics and maturation
. c) Maturation and learning
5-The seeds of Skinner behaviourism can be traced back to:

. a) Respondent conditioning
. b) Operant conditioning
. c) Classical Conditioning
6-The S-R concept as the appropriate model for explaining human behaviour was:

. a) To avoid to speculate about what was possible going on inside an organisms central nervous system
. b) To focus more on physical variables
. c) Both of the above
7-The operant conditioning concepts was created to prime attention on the importance of consequences in controlling the acts that:

. a) Immediately followed them
. b) Immediately preceded them
. c) Both of the above
8- A reward is a positive reinforcer for behaviourists if:

. a) It increases the behaviour in the present moment
. b) It increases the behaviour in the present future
. c) Both of the above
9-When consequences reduce the tendency for the child to behave the same way in the future, we are talking about:

. a) Punishing
. b) Aversive
. c) Both of them
10-Punishment can be as effective as nonreinforcement in extinguishing acts:

. a) True
. b) False
. c) None of the above
11-From behaviourist perspective:

. a) Learning is seen as the process of the child’s first displaying the behaviour
. b) Learning is seen as the process of the child displaying it consistently
. c) Learning is seen as the process of repeating the same behaviour as long as the conditions keep the same
12-When a process enables a person to book together a sequence of small, individual conditioned acts to compose a complex skill, we refers to:

. a) Shaping
. b) Chaining
. c) Modeling
13-Radical behaviourism does basically:

. a) Questions the nature of the object observed
. b) Questions the reliability of the observations
. c) Both of the above are corrects
14-The greater determinant of is the child’s maturing biological nature at the stage called:

. a) Universal
. b) Basic
. c) Societal
15-By -behavior management of behavior modification- we mean:

. a) The use of classical conditioning
. b) The use of applied behavior analysis
. c) The use of operant conditioning
16-Social learning theory place emphasis on what types of variables as determinants of behavior and personality

. a) Social
. b) Organic
. c) Genetic
17-If you think that the consequence exerts its influence into the future by giving children information about what effects they can expect if they later act that same way in a similar stimulus circumstance, you do think the same as:

. a) Skinner
. b) Bandura
. c) Piaget
18- From Bandura perspective the motivational role of consequences depends on wheter

. a) They value the consequences the behavior seems to produce
. b) They value the antecedents the behavior seem to produce
. c) Neither one of the above
19- ‘’Beliefs in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments’’. This is a definition for

. a) Self-esteem
. b) Self-efficacy
. c) Self-concept
20- Bandura considers human development as the result of the interaction process between

. a) The child as a psychological organism
. b) The child sociophysical environment
. c) Both of them are correct

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