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1-What is your name?

. _Her name is Mary
. _My name is Mary
. _His name is Mary
2-What’s your phone number?

. _ I am number 21
. _ My name is Ernesto
. _ My phone number is 777 421 2234
3-Where are you from?

. _I am from Mexico
. _She is in the morning
. _ You are in Mexico
4-What do you do?

. _ I do very good
. _I am a teacher
. _I do in the afternoon
5-How old are you?

. _Fine thank you
. _I am 19 years old
. _Yes I am
6-What’s your address?

. _My address is Monday
. _My address is Tulipanes 19
. _ My address is in my house
7-What day is it today?

. _It is 8:00
. _It is January
. _It is Wednesday
8-How many people are there in your family?

. _My mother and my father are family
. _There are 5
. _The people are in the many families
9-What is Tom doing?

. _She is doing
. _They are Tom doing
. _He is studying
10-How often do you practice English?

. _I practice in the house
. _I always practice
. _I practice very much
11-Where is Tom going to eat lunch?

. _Tom is going to eat Pizza
. _He is eats in the 2:00
. _he is going to eat at a restaurant
12-What’s your favorite food?

. _My favorite food is in the Mexican restaurant
. _My favorite Mexican food is very good
. _My favorite food is Mexican
13-Are you going to buy a soda?

. _Yes I am going to drink water
. _Yes I am going to buy a Cake
. _Yes I am going to buy a Pepsi
14-What are the national colors of Mexico?

. _Brown, Orange and yellow
. _Red, white and blue
. _Red green and white
15-How much do the apples cost?

. _There are many apples
. _The apples are 23 cents
. _The apples are red
16-With who do you live?

. _I live in the house
. _I live with my sister
. _I live in apartment 2
17- Is this an English test?

. _Yes it is
. _No it isn’t
. _Yes thank you
18- Who is your father?

. _They are Jack
. _We are Jack
. _He is Jack
19-What kind of movies do you like to watch?

. _I watch the TV
. _I like to watch movies
. _I like to watch action movies
20-Does Susan have a car?

. _Yes she has a car
. _Yes she have a car
. _Yes does she have a car
21-where did she go last night?

. _ she goed to the store
. _she goes to the store
. _she went to the store
22- When was your birthday?

. _it were last week
. _It was last week
. _I was last week
23-How often do you take your English class?

. _Yes I take my class
. _Always I taking my class
. _I always take my class
24-When are you going to take the test?

. _yesterday
. _tomorrow
. _I’m taking it now?
25- How many people are there in your class?

. _There is 25
. _Are there25
. _There are 25
26-How long will you stay in Cuernavaca?

. _I will to stay 1 week
. _I will staying 1 week
. _I will stay 1 week
27-What should I study?

. _Yes I study very good
. _you study English
. _you should study English
28-Do you have any money?

. _Yes I have any money
. _yes I have some money
. _Yes I have many money
29-How much water do you want?

. _I want many water
. _I want a few water
. _I want a little water
30- Is Mike taller than Tom?

. _Mike is tallest than Tom
. _Mike is the taller than Tom
. _Mike is taller than Tom
31-Does he like to take the class?

. _he don’t like to take the class
. _No, he does like to take the class
. _ He doesn’t like to take the class
32-Why doesn’t Tony feel well?

. _He can’t sleep last night
. _He couldn’t sleep well tonight
. ¬¬¬_He couldn't sleep last night
33-Where would you like to go?

. _I would like to go to Acapulco
. _I like to go to Acapulco
. _I will like to go to Acapulco
34-What will you be doing next week?

. _You will doing resting
. _I will be resting
. _I will be doing rest
35-Where did you get your jacket?

. _I get it at Wallmart
. _ I did get it at Wallmart
. _I got it at Wallmart
36- What have you been doing recently?

. _I been working
. _I have been doing working
. _I have been working
37. Have you ever seen a ghost?

. _I have never seen a ghost
. _I have never saw a ghost
. _I have never see a ghost
38-Have you finished yet?

. _Already I have finished
. _I have already finished
. _I have finished yet
39- How long have you studied English?

. _I have studied English for 10 years
. _I have to study English for 10 years
. _I have studied English for 2 years
40- What will you do if it rains?

. _if it rain, I will to stay home
. _If it raining, I will stay home
. _If it rains, I will stay home
41-What had Nancy done before she took her trip?

. _Nancy had fed her dogs
. _Nancy was feeding her dogs
. _Nancy had done fed her dogs
42-What had she been doing the night before?

. _She had been doing practice
. _She had been practicing
. _She had practiced
43- What were you going to ask me?

. _I was going to ask me a question
. _You were going to ask you a question
. _ What’s your name?
44-Why wouldn’t you want to go?

. _I just don’t feel like it
. _Because I would want to go
. _I would want to go
45-Was the test easier than last time?

. _it was more difficultly to take the test this time
. _It was more difficult take the test this time
. _It was more difficult to take the test this time
46-There is no smoking in the restaurant

. _Yes we don’t smoke in there place
. _Yes they doesn’t permit smoking
. _Yes one Must not smoke there
47- Why are you late?

. _Had the bus arrived on time, I would have gotten here early
. _If the bus would have arrived on time, I would have been early here
. _If the bus will have arrived on time
48-what are you supposed to do ?

. _I was supposed to study
. _I suppose to study
. _I am supposed to study
49-What is your wish?

. _I wish that I gone to the beach
. _I wish that I could go to the beach
. _I wish going to the beach
50-This has to be the hardest wondering question on this test

. _I wonder, I don’t understand
. _No I don’t wonder to understand
. _No wonder I don’t understand

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