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OtrosAre you an indigo or crystal child?

Maybe you see yourself as very different than most average people with expanded perceptions about many things. Most Indigos have a keen sense of knowing that something is wrong with their world, and have a great desire to make it right. Is this you?

When were you born?

. 1959 or earlier
. 1960-1969
. 1970-1979
. 1980 or later

Do you have trouble with systems you feel are broken or ineffective (political, educational, religious, medical, legal, etc)?

. yes,i feel the system isn´t in the right way at all
. Kind of, but I can deal with
. Nope, I am totally agreed with
. yes,but i will do anything i can to change it
How do you feel about waiting in line?

. i just can´t wait online ,i have no patience !
. Frustrating, why must I do it?
. A bit annoying, but a fact of life
. No biggie. Patience is a virtue
Do you usually see a better way of doing things at work/school and come up with innovative or different ways of seeing solutions to problem or looking at a situation?

. Yes, i allways find a better solucion in everything
. Nope, I like things the way they are
. A lot of the time, but who doesn't?
. Maybe sometimes, but I don't really act on it

Are you a non-conformist?

. Yes, I always think different than others
. Sometimes, but usually I go with the flow
. Most of the time
. No, I like to fit in
Do you think of yourself as very creative and gifted ?

. Yes, and always have been very creative since I was a child
. I'm creative, but not excessively so Maybe in some things
. Yes... I'm pretty gifted
. Yes, but only a bit more than average
. No, I'm not overly creative at all
Do you feel like an intuitive person?

. Yes, a lot of the time
. yes,i know i can feel the future events
. Yes, I feel like my life is deja vu!
. Only sometimes
. Rarely
Do you have strong empathy for others?

. Yes, I feel very in touch with others feelings a lot of the time
. Only in very powerful situations
. Rarely, I'm more concerned with my own state
. Yes, I feel more for others and the state of the world than I do for myself

Do you have higher than average inteligence?

. yes,i have a very high IQ
. Yes, definitely!
. Yep, I'm pretty smart!
. I'm not dumb, but not above average either
. Probably more like average
Do you daydream a lot?

. Yes, all the time!
. Yes, quite a bit
. Sometimes
. Not really
Are your eyes something like ....?

. Everybody get amazed about my eyes
. I have very deep-looking wise, clear eyes
. I have very ,deep-looking ,wise eyes
. They're pretty
. I don't know, I never really thought about it
Did you ever feel to have a deep connection with animals and plants ?

. Is very comfortable being around plants, nature, animals, and the outdoors
. Yes,allways i feel a secret connection and i even talk to them
. No ,at all
. sometimes i do

Do you feel deeply affected by the suffering of another being?

. Yes ,more than for myself,i feel pain when others suffer
. No,not really
. Yes, sometimes i feel compassion
. Yes,i feel guilty when i can´help

Have you had psychic experiences, such as seeing angels/ghosts,hearing voices ,premonitory dreams, premonitions,Clairvoyance, out of body experiences, supernatural healing, reading auras,... etc?

. yes ,all of and even more
. yes ,all this psychic experiences
. yes,some of and very often
. yes,a few times
. no,but i believe in
. yes,once
. no,i don´t believe in this things
Have you noticed electrical things malfunction around you? Such as watches not working or street lights going out as you walk under them?

. yes,many times
. Maybe
. no

Do you search for meaning and higher purpose in life? Do you sense there's gotta be more to life - and feel the strong desire to find and experience this higher level of existence? Do you seek understanding of the world and try to learn as much as you c

. yes ,i am a truth seeker and i know i have to learn many things about life
. yes,i feel i don´t know enought about peolple and life and are a lot of hidden things i need to find out
. i love to learn a lot about life and peoples
. i like science very much
. i think i am clever enought and i know many things about life
. no

Are you very intolerant of abuse – human, animal, environmental?

. yes,i hate and i would love to make the abusers pay
. yes,i hate it ,but i would try to make the abusers understand that this is wrong
. we must be tolerant ,this life is so
. as long i am safe ,i don´t care
Do you have an affinity to rocks, crystals and stones ?

. no
. yes
. Maybe
Are you very gentle and forgiving – very loving and compassionate personality ?

. yes ,that´s me
. yes,but sometimes i am nervous too,i´m just human
. yes,but only with the good persons
. No,not really
Do you have natural healing abilities ?

. Yes
. No
. Maybe
Do you have very high awareness and you feel connected with highest source (God)?

. Yes ,God is allways with me and everything for me and i allways talk to Him
. yes,i believe in God ,but sometimes life is hard and i feel alone
. I believe we are all like God
. I don´t believe in God
What is Your favorite colour from the next colours ,who makes you feel in connect with your inner power?

. white
. yellow
. brown
. purple
. red
. green
. orange
. violet
. blue
Have you ever been identified as ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Desicit and Hyperactive Disorder)?

. Yes
. Maybe
. No
Do you sense or have an awareness of other dimensions, parallel realities, or alternate timelines?

. Yes, all the time!
. Maybe ,sometimes
. No
Do you have the ability to ‘see’ through illusions ?You can tell and feel when someone is lying or dishonest, or when someone is saying one thing and does another?

. Yes ,i am 100% sure about it
. Maybe ,sometimes
. No,not really

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