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1-What are they studing?

. Medical students
. Teachers
. Computers
. Informatica
2-What happens if you dont have a white coat?

. Get one
. Dont worry
. Sell all of them
. Kill your self
3-What do you have to buy?

. Chair
. Got to be glue
. Notebook
. Phone
4-What does the doctor ask you NOT to do?

. Bring your phone and drive to the hospital
. Eat
. Tell people they are gonna die
. Park near the hospital and use a mask
. Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.
1.---- is a place where you buy medicine.

. A bookstore
. A restaurant
. A dance club
. A drugstore
2. ---- is an insect which makes honey.

. A bee
. A spider
. A crocodile
. A fly
3. ---- are something which is used for cutting paper.

. Litter
. Scissors
. Stocks
. Sharpener
4. ---- is a place where you borrow books.

. A laundromat
. A theatre
. A library
. A gym
5-Which word means nearly the same as "scream"?

. Find
. Stop
. Sell
. Shout
6-Which word means nearly the same as "happy"?

. Conditions
. Disgusted
. Content
. Ambitious
7-A soldier is a man who ----.

. Catches thieves
. Paints pictures
. Helps the police
. Fights in a war
8-Which is countable?

. Fox
. Bread
. Wood
. Flour
9-Which verb's past and present forms are the same?

. Play
. Cry
. Cut
. Write
10-Your aunt is your ----.

. Father's brother
. Father's grandson
. Father's sister
. Mother's brother
11-Which is a desert?

. Atlantic
. Sahara
. Everest
. Black Sea
12-We don't use "THE" before ----.

. Classroom objects
. Names of cities
. Uncountable nouns
. Animals
13-What is rubbish?

. Something which students eat
. Something which is made of wood
. Something which pollutes
. Something which people like to play with
14-Which is not a noun?

. Near
. Pear
. Ear
. Hair
15. --- we go on holiday? Yes! That's a great Idea.

. Will
. Have
. Shall
. Do
1-I was ......... after my mom's best friend.

. Called
. Termed
. Labeled
. Named
2-My husband was ......... up by his grandparents.

. Raised
. Stemmed
. Brought
. Looked
3-He ......... after his father. He looks just like him.

. Describes
. Looks
. Takes
. Seems
4-After years of committing petty crimes, Ralph finally ......... up in jail for armed robbery.

. Went
. Closed
. Ended
. Tried
5-My little girl is ......... up too fast. I want her to be five years old forever.

. Appering
. Raising
. Building
. Growing
. Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15
. Reading Comprehension
. Banks are places where people can keep their money. Most people use banks to save money in their savings accounts and to pay money from their checking accounts. Today, when a person earns money from their job, their paycheck is often electronically deposited (put) into their savings or checking account. Then, he or she can pay their bills by writing checks from their checking accounts or pay online where their bills are electronically connected to their bank accounts. Banks also give loans to people. Banks use the money that their customers deposit to lend to people to buy new houses, cars, or to start businesses among other reasons. The bank makes money from lending by charging interest. In other words, people have to pay back more than they borrowed. This amount depends on how risky the bank thinks the borrower is and how fast the loan is paid back among other things.
6-What do banks NOT do?.

. Allow people to pay bills online from their accounts
. Charge interest
. Give loans
. Tax people
7-How does "interest" work?.

. Banks require people to pay back the same amount they borrowed.
. Banks require people to pay back money they borrowed very quickly.
. Banks pay people more money than they borrowed.
. Banks require people to pay back more money than they borrowed.
8-How much "interest" do borrowers have to pay?

. It depends on a lot of things.
. Most borrowers don't have to pay interest
. Everyone pays the same amount of interest.
. The story doesn't say.
9-How do banks make money?

. Electronically
. By having a lot of accounts
. Charging interest to those they lend to
. Saving their customers deposits
10-What do banks NOT do?

. Provide a place for people to save their money
. Help people get jobs
. Provide a place where people can pay their bills from
. Lend money to people

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