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1. Are you OK?

. Yes, inside.
. . Yes, please.
. Yes, I am
I?ve got a pain.

. Where is it?
. Why is it?
. Why is it?
Is your mother home?

. . I don?t know
. . That?s fine
. She?s a nurse.
4. Why don?t we go to the cinema?

. . We don?t.
. Sure, why not?
. It?s fine.
How would you like your steak?

. It?s nice.
. Not really.
. . Well cooked.
My Love of Traveling by Sam Harris
I grew up in Australia and was introduced to traveling at an early age. We moved around a lot because of my father?s work. My main hobby was radios - I repaired old sets and listened to various programs from around the

. . talk about the towns where he used to live
. . describe the people he met while traveling abroad
. explain how his interest in travel has developed
What can you learn about the writer from this text?

. He had always wanted to work on the radio.
. Very little surprised him on his first visit to Asia
. . His early knowledge of the world came from the radio.
What does the writer say about traveling abroad?

. There are many countries he would still like to visit.
. Information about other countries has become easier to find.
. The things he enjoys while traveling have not changed.
What do we learn about the writer?s life as a child?

. He spent time fixing radios that were broken.
. . His father was unemployed for long periods.
. His friends thought he was rather strange
Which of the following statements would the writer make?

. I find it hard to talk to people I meet onmy travels because I hardly knew anyone when I was a child.
. Areas with only a few people are the best places to visit since they are quiet and relaxing.
. Learning about the world from books and the radio was nothing like the real experience.

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