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ingles Idiomasingles prueba tipo icfes

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how old are you

. you have 16 old years
. I've been here for 15 years
. I'm 15 years old
Are you listening to music?

. No. I'm watching TV
. No. I was playing soccer
. No. I'm going out with susan
What did you do last night?

. i was in Mexico for 3 years
. I went to the cinema
. they visited her grandmother
How often do you practice a sport

. twice a week
. in the next week
. last year
Wich is his truck?

. Is in the parking lot
. because the truck is very big
. the red one
the place where the kids can play is the:

. library
. park
. church
how ________ apples do you have?

. much
. many
. lot
___________ is your house? My house is in the next corner

. what
. where
. when
9 como se escribe no estaras sola

. a you are not alone
. b you are
. c yes
3)to which literary genre does the novel belong ?

. a)Lyric
. b)Dramatic
. c)Narrative

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