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Test OtrosAre You an Indigo/Star/Crystal Child?

Just because you aren't a child, doesn't mean you can't be indigo.... Many of us have grown into adulthood, but we were born as Indigo Children.

First of all, has anyone actually told you that you had an indigo aura?

. Yes, and it was a psychic
. Yes, but it was no psychic
. No, however I do believe in that stuff
. NO and I DO NOT believe in that DUMB stuff!
. What`s an aura?(
When were you born?

. 1959 or earlier
. 1960-1969
. 1970-1981
. 1980 or later
Are you extremely creative in Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Decorating, Photography, Writing?

. no, I am not really too creative
. yes ,in some of I am really good
. I am very creative in everything
Are you interested in aggressive sports as Football and Hockey?

. yes ,I am very interested
. yes, sometimes
. no, never
Are you attracted to discipline and self-defense sports such as Fencing and Martial Arts?

. yes ,I am very attracted
. yes, a little bit
. no, never
Feeling alone, separate or misunderstood?

. yes, very
. yes ,sometimes
. no, I don´t
The most common phrase people say to you is, "You're weird"?

. yes, always
. yes, sometimes
. no, never
Your depth of feeling and thinking is often different than those around you?

. oh,yes,always
. yes, always ,but I understand them
. rarely
. normally I think like the rest
Do you feel limited by the normal world around ?

. yes
. sometimes
. never
Are you a visionary with unusual hopes, aspirations and sense of purpose?

. yes
. sometimes
. never
Do you have a very high intelligence capacity?

. yes,very high
. a normal one
. a bit lower
Do you have a strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom?-

. yes , absolutely
. yes ,but sometimes I lie too
. depending,maybe
Do you have Telekinetic abilities?

. always
. sometimes
. never
Do you use to have premonition dreams?

. yes, I can see the future very clear in my dreams
. yes, sometimes
. I have strange dreams ,that repeats
. no, I don't
Do you have an extraordinary levels of compassion?

. yes ,I want to help everybody
. yes,when I feel that is right
. no ,I prefer to take care of myself
Do you have telepathic ability?

. yes,sometimes
. yes , absolutely
. once or twice
. never
What is your favorite color?

. red
. blue
. pink
. green
. black
. grey
. purple
. violet
. white
. brown
Do you get Involved in human/animal rights efforts?

. yes , absolutely
. sometimes
. I don´t have time for
Have you ever had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices?

. yes, I did with all of them
. I can still see it or feel it
. sometimes
. happen once
. no, never,but I believe in
. I don´t believe in this things
Do you have other psychic powers?

. yes
. I have some
. no
Do you struggle with authority?

. Yes, I hate being told what to do!
. Yes, most of the time authority aggravates me
. Kind of, but I can deal.
. Nope, I prefer discipline
Are you a truth seeker?

. yes
. yes , absolutely
. no
Do you many times get along better with animals and nature than people?

. yes ,I do,I even talk to the tress and animals
. yes,I just love the whole nature
. sometimes
. no,i´m not crazy
Do you usually see a better way of doing things at work/school?

. Yes, I always find different ,better solutions?
. A lot of the time, but who doesn't?
. Maybe sometimes, but I don't really act on it.
. Nope, I like things the way they are.
Are the people around you getting very surprise about your EYES(are your eyes deep,surprising color) ?

. yes,always
. sometimes
. a few times
. not really
Do you feel like you DESERVE to be on this planet?

. Yes, I'm on a mission from God.
. Sort of, don't we all deserve to be here?
. Maybe, I'm humble
. What?
How do you feel about waiting in line?

. Frustrating, why must I do it?(
. A bit annoying, but a fact of life
. No biggie. Patience is a virtue.
Have you ever been told you might have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

. Yes, I've been diagnosed.
. Yes, but I'm in denial.
. No, but I bet I do.
. No, never
Do you feel like an intuitive person?

. Yes, I feel like my life is deja vu!
. Yes, a lot of the time
. Only sometimes.
. Rarely
Do you think you have spiritual intelligence?

. Yes, very much so, and I find the traditional rituals of religion a bit stifling
. Well, I've had spiritual experiences.
. I'm not spiritual at all.
. I prefer to follow/believe what my church says.
Do you feel a need like a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world?

. yes ,I want to change the world
. yes and I will change it ,I know that
. I would love to change some things
. I would like to change something ,but I can´t
. no

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