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IdiomasNivel B1

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1. When can we meet again?

. When are you free?
. It was two days ago.
My aunt is going to stay with me.

. How do you do?
. How long for?
. How was it?
3. When do you study?

. at school
. in the evenings
. in the library
4.Would you prefer lemonade or orange juice?

. Have you got anything else?
. If you like.
. Are you sure about that?
6. The snow was ...... heavily when I left the house.

. dropping
. landing
. falling
. descending
7. I can't find my keys anywhere - I ...... have left them at work

. can
. must
. ought
. would
8. When a car pulled out in front of her, Jane did well not to ...... control of her bicycle.

. miss
. lose
. fail
. drop
9. According to Richard's ...... the train leaves at 7 o'clock.

. opinion
. advice
. knowledge
. information
10. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people's ...... of life.

. habit
. custom
. way
. system
11. The builders are ...... good progress with the new house.

. getting
. doing
. making
12. She is now taking a more positive ...... to her studies and should do well.

. attitude
. behaviour
13. My father ...... his new car for two weeks now.

. has had
. has
. is having
. had
14. What differences are there ...... the English spoken in the UK and the English spoken in the US?

. among
. between
. beside
. with
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16. ...... you get your father's permission, I'll take you skiing next weekend.

. Although
. Provided
. As
. Unless
17. A local company has agreed to ...... the school team with football shirts.

. contribute
. supply
. give
. produce
18. I really enjoy stories that are ...... in the distant future.

. found
. set
. put
. placed
19. That old saucepan will come in ...... when we go camping.

. convenient
. fitting
. handy
. suitable
20. Anyone ...... after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval.

. arrives
. has arrived
. arriving
. arrived
21. I didn't ...... driving home in the storm so I stayed overnight in a hotel.

. fancy
. desire
. prefer
. want
22. The judge said that those prepared to...... in crime must be ready to suffer the consequences.

. involve
. engage
. undertake
. undertake
23. Marianne seemed to take ...... at my comments on her work.

. annoyance
. insult
. offence
. indignation
24. You should not have a dog if you are not ...... to look after it.

. prepared
. adapted
. arranged
. decided
25. The farmhouse was so isolated that they had to generate their own electricity ......

. current.
. supply
. grid
. power

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