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Inglés IdiomasContestar las preguntas usando el auxiliar o verbo To Be

El estudiante contestará las preguntas utilizando el auxiliar correspondiente o el verbo to be.

1.- Are you?

2.- Do you work?

3.- Is she studying?

4.- Does Paco put the pencil on the table?

5.- Do they whistle loud?

6.- Do we go to the park?

7.- Do Patrick and Jane have a baby?

8.- Are the people voting?

9.- Is Pedro fishing?

10.- Are you 13 years old?

11.- Am I a teacher?

12.- Does the firefighter carrying a child?

13.- Are you coming to the party

14.- Does the teacher point to the board?

15.- Does the girl bite the apple?

16.- Is car fast?

17.- Are your parents here?

18.- Is America a continent?

19.- Are the tables broken?

20.- Are the dogs wild?

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