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ingles IdiomasVerbos en Presente Simple utilizando un verbo auxiliar

El estudiante escribirá la oración utilizando el verbo auxiliar To Do en presente simple

1.- Caroline and Pete (to buy) the house for her

2.- Daniel (to invite) us to eat

3.- He (to eat) with her

4.- He (to jump) the rope

5.- Carlos (to love) Patty

6.- I (to eat) the corn in the cob

7.- It (to break) the table

8.- Mary (to bite) the apple

9.- Mary and Joseph (to clean) the house

10.- My father (to sing) the National Anthem

11.- Pedro (to create) the story

12.- She (to write) the letter

13.- The dog (to eat) meat

14.- The piano (to cover) that area

15.- We (to travel) to France

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