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IdiomasPlacement Test

Choose the letter that best completes the sentence.

Mary Tyler Moore__________for the company since 1987.

. work
. works
. to work
. working
John Doe__________the man who delivered the goods.

. are
. were
. is
. no
Poverty rates in Latin America__________ increasing after the depression.

. are
. was
. is
. no
Because of its high levels of pollution, Santiago __________becoming one of the worst cities in the world.

. are
. was
. is
. no
Her English __________ improved a lot in the last three months.

. has
. is
. been
. have
I__________seen that movie before.

. has
. is
. been
. have
The meeting that everybody was__________ at the conference ended ten minutes ago.

. expected
. expectation
. expecting
. expectating
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer, __________more than 600 pieces during his time.

. write
. written
. writing
. wrote
The very scared girl__________ her mother when the phone rang.

. was calling
. calling
. to call
. or call
I was __________to make new friends at the conference.

. starting
. started
. star
The supplies__________ already arrived when you came.

. have
. had
. having
. haved
She was very specific when she said that she had __________the truth.

. tell
. telling
. told
. to telling
The athletes __________do well at the Olympics, I'm sure about that.

. willing
. will
. are
. did
__________ marry that girl?

. are you will
. do you will
. will begin
. will you
I'm still not sure about what I__________ do during summer.

. am going to
. are going to
. is going to
. will going to
I and the rest of the class __________ go to the beach next Monday.

. am going to
. are going to
. is going to
. will going to
This exact tirne next year I__________ traveling to the Bahamas.

. will am
. will is
. will are
. will be
Please call me tomorrow about that problem, I will__________ working on the
project by then.

. or
. be
. maybe
. probably
By the year 2054, I__________ married already.

. will are
. will have
. should have
. having
People say that all pollution will__________by the year 2034.

. have ended
. are ended
. is ended
. are ended

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