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Inglés IdiomasVerbo ToBe en presente simple

El estudiante escribirá el verbo To Be en presente simple de forma correcta.

1.- I (to be) special

2.- You (to be) working

3.- He (to be) Daniel

4.- She (to be) Rebecca

5.- We (to be) a nation

6.- They (to be) in the pool

7.- Daniel (to be) handsome

8.- Bella (to be) tall

9.- Jesus and Daniel (to be) together

10.- Robert and I (to be) good friends

11.- Patrick and they (to be) at church

12.- I (to be) five years old

13.- You (to be) great!

14.- He (to be) smart

15.- Paula (to be) in the choir

16.- She (to be) fine!

17.- We (to be) the world

18.- They (to be) your children

19.- David (to be) upsidedown

20.- Uriel and Gabriel(to be) in third grade

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