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Inglés IdiomasPresente Simple forma de pregunta

Reescribe la oración de forma de pregunta.

1.- I run everyday

2.- She walks in the park

3.- Raul speaks all day long

4.- Lisa studies to become a doctor

5.- Pedro and Raul eat together

6.- Maria and Luis skate in the lake

7.- They watch TV

8.- Carla does her homework

9.- Paco and Judith do the job

10.- Maria and Perla fly to Paris

11.- The animals drink water

12.- The childre cry

13.- The boy fishes a tuna fish

14.- The boy and the girl watch the bird

15.- The eagle chases the mouse

16.- The dog follows the cat

17.- Lety's mother bakes a cake

18.- Lisbeth and her mother play the flute

19.- Esthela works in a special project

20.- Marion swims everyweek

21.- I come to the school on Saturdays

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