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Inglés IdiomasPresente Simple en forma negativa

El estudiante escribirá la oración en forma negativa en presente simple.Utilizar does not en lugar de doesn't.

1.- Caroline (to work) hard

2.- Pete and Luis(to study) daily

3.- Tom (to jump) high

4.- Kathy and Joe (to sleep) well

5.- Rose (to play) with us

6.- Henry (to love) his wife

7.- Paul (to walk) everyday

8.- Terry (to bite) his sister

9.- Mary and Anthony (to eat) cantalupe

10.- Orallyn (to talk) with me

11.- Patrick (to print) the test

12.- Carlos (to travel) to Uruguay

13.- They (to carry) the soup

14.- Olivia (to sing) that song

15.- My heart (to beat) well

16.- The airplane (to fly) fast

17.- We (to swim) in that pool

18.- Popeye and Olive (to point) to that tree

19.- The people (to run) so fast

20.- He and she (to bend) that bed

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