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Idiomascuanto sabes acerca de el ingles?

en este test podras practicar de este idioma oficial mundial NIVEL DE DESEMPEÑO:NORMAL CLASE:5to AÑO ESCOLAR

1.- THERE IS o THERE ARE a cd on the table

2.- two cats

3.- ANY o SOME

4.- are there apples

5.- there aren´t apples

6.- COLOURS the colour of the sea

7.- the colour of the orange

8.- the colour of the sun

9.- the colour of the apples

10.- the colour of the grass

11.- WHERE o WHO do you live?

12.- are you?

13.- are you from?

14.- is mery?

15.- YES or NO

16.- the sky is blue- sky

17.- the night is white

18.- the sun is yellow

19.- we always eat ants

20.- we never cry

21.- we eat flowers

22.- we need to eat

23.- you can fly

24.- you can walk

25.- you can run


27.- Mery wants be a dentist

28.- Lucy has a beautyful doll

29.- Lily looking us

30.- Mario has got red car


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