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IdiomasChristmas test!!

You know a lot of things about Christmas, don't you?
Let's go!!

A carol singing is...

. A group of people that go from house to house singing carols.
. A group of people whose names are Caroline and sing,
. A group of people that a sing a song called "Carol".
A reindeer is...

. An animal you can have as a pet.
. A type of deer with small ears.
. A type of deer which lives in North Pole.
Santa Claus is...

. An old man who brings presents to children at Christmas.
. The claws of a cat named "Santa".
. A person that believes in God and makes miracles.
A Christmas tree is...

. A tall tree with branches to decorate them at Christmas,
. A tree you can plant in your garden when you want.
. The name of the day dedicated to plant trees.
A present is...

. A horrible thing you buy because you have money.
. Something that your teacher gives you when you fail your exam.
. Something that someone gives you on a special occasion.
A holly is...

. A expression to wish some Merry Christmas.
. A tree with sharp leaves and small red berries.
A Christmas stocking is...

. A long sock to be filled with small presents.
. A small sock to put on your leg.
. A large sock to be filled with cotton.
A fireplace is...

. A place where there is fire.
. A place where you can light a fire.
. A space in the wall of a room for a fire to burn it.
A snowman is...

. A man that loves the bad weather.
. A toy made with snow.
. A man with snow in his hands.
A turkey is...

. a Christmas carol.
. a typical Christmas food
. a frined of Santa Claus

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