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1.- Don´t go near that cat!It will bite you!/is going to bite/bites you!

2.- Britain is having / has / had an election at least once every four years.

3.- Where´s the cat? It was lying / lies / is lying on the sofa.

4.- The mouse has / was having / had a heart attack when the cat is jumping / jumps / jumped down the chair.

5.- The planet Mercury is travelling / travelled / travels round the sun every eighty- eight days.

6.- Robert never goes / will go / go abroad for his holidays. It´s too expensive!

7.- The St. Lawrence River was flowing / flows / is flowing into the north Atlantic.

8.- Christopher Colombus sailed / is sailing / was sailing in the Santa Maria when he discover / disovered / discovers

9.- I live in Brighton. I lived / have lived / was living here for ten years.

10.- First we visit / visits / visited then we had / have / has lunch.

11.- I break / broke / breaks my toe when I was tripping / tripped /trips over the dog.

12.- I have been / went / was / to Los Angeles in 1980.

13.- Many people die / died / have died / in the II World War.

14.- Have you any money? I lost / ´ve lost / lose / my wallet.

15.- I have broken / break / broke / my am twice in two years.

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