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Test De Inglés

What is does the phrase "don't get shirty with me" mean?

. Don't blame it on me
. Don't Steal my shirt
. don't become a shirt
What colour is an english postbox?

. black
. red
. yellow
Which one of these is a British National dish?

. Fish and Chips
. Hamburgers
. Pizza
What is The English National Anthem?

. God Save The King
. Queen Save The God
. God Save The Queen
What is the name of the London Wheel?

. Millenium Wheel
. Millenium Eye
. Millenium Ear
On what side of the road do the English drive on?

. In the Middle Lane
. Right
. Left
Which is the name of England's longest reigning Queen?

. Elizabeth
. Victoria
. Mary
Who famously beat the Spanish invincible Armada?

. Sir Nelson
. The Duke Of Wellington
. Sir Francis Drake
Who scored the only hat-trick in a world cup final?

. Sir Bobby Charlton
. Sir Geoff Hurst
. Sir Bobby Moore
In what year did England win their only World Cup?

. 1966
. 1972
. 1990

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