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Test creado para un trabajo de Ingles del IES Isla de León. Hecho por Jose Antonio Pozo y Manuel Jesus Batista de la clase 3º A

He ______________ for the school football team.

. has never picked
. has never been picked
. have never been picked
We __________to the party, but we didn't go.

. are invited
. will be invited
. were invited
If you study more,you ________ the exam

. won't pass
. will fail
. will pass
If you come I ________ a cake

. will bake
. baked
. 'm baking
Today is _________ day of the year.

. the best
. the better
. best
Tengo tanto trabajo como mi jefe

. I have as much work than my boss
. I have as much work as my boss
. I to have as much work as my boss
It isn't very hot today. It was _________ yesterday.

. more hot
. hoter
. hotter
__________ your friends this evening?

. Is you going to meet
. Are you going to meet
. will you meet
The band __________ a beautiful song.

. was playing
. are playing
. were playing
My friend _________ at my joke.

. were laughing
. was laughing
. was laugh

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