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IdiomasMixed Verbs

Test creado para un trabajo de Ingles del IES Isla de León. Hecho por Jose Antonio Pozo y Manuel Jesus Batista de la clase 3º A

Where ____ last night?

. have you gone
. did you went
. did you go
I don't know how ________.

. to dance
. dance
. dancing
I ________ for eight hours last friday.

. slept
. have slept
. sleep
I ________ to Italy until Tomas and I went there last winter.

. have never been
. has never been
. had never been
You ________ at the computer all day. You should really take a break in this moment.

. were sitting
. have been sitting
. did sit
He never ________ when someone leaves him a letter.

. will call back
. calles back
. calls back
You were afraid to ask them out because they ________ me before.

. had rejected
. have rejected
. rejected
I don't know why you insist on ________ to Madrid.

. going
. is going
. to go
I read the novel that you gave me - could you ________ me another one?

. lend
. lends
. will lend
He ________ her if she hadn't waved to him.

. would have seen
. wouldn't have seen
. won't have seen

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