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IdiomasVocabulary practice test

Practice test of general vocabulary foe 12°.

I've read and interesting______ this summer.

. book
. literature
Most churches have a ________ to ring.

. chorus
. bell
Charles will be _____ of his country someday.

. king
. promise
______ is a good drink on a hot day.

. lemonade
. olives
I have happy _____ of my vacation.

. memory
. memories
Henry is an _____ in the U.S. Navy.

. clown
. officer
We selected a new _____ for our vacation.

. place
. towns
Let's take a walk by the ______.

. vacation
. river
Where are you going this summer? We're going to the ______.

. Mediterranean
. South America
Our vacation was spent by a big _____.

. country
. lake

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